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Shipping Terms




Most of our competitors have a simple shipping policy called "Local Pickup Only".

Since we at Own The Magic are the official re-distributors of Disney products that come
directly from the Disney Resort Hotels and Theme Parks at Disney World in Orlando,
we have a different and somewhat "Magical" shipping policy.
We will ship Each & Every item we sell to
Anywhere on the Planet that FedEx will land a plane.
 (it's a big planet - so that's a lot of places)
Granted, that's a monumental task, but you have to be good at monumental
tasks when your mission is spreading the Magic. So, that's what we do.
We ship mainly with FedEx, but also use USPS and UPS when it costs less for you.
We will use whatever means possible to guarantee that your purchase is
carefully delivered to your home, apartment, kingdom, castle, cave or Tiki Hut,
so that you can enjoy that special piece of Disney Magic that is now your very own.
We DO NOT inflate "Shipping and Handling fees" because we believe that is not the
"Disney Way" of doing business. We DO professionally package each item, and often
must use custom-order boxes for the many odd-shaped and fragile items we sell.
Our "Handling Charge" is only for the box and the packing materials plus One Dollar
for each item shipped. Our Professional Packaging Pixies are very good at what they
do and only wish to see your item arrive safely.
They will share your joy in knowing that now you, too, will Own The Magic.
Shipping Fees are calculated at checkout depending on the size and weight of your
item, and both FedEx and UPS charge a $2.05 fee for delivering to a residence.
Many of our items are Large, Odd Shaped or too Fragile to be handled by standard
carriers so check the item description to see if they are labeled FOR PICKUP ONLY.
Many of our PICKUP ONLY items can be shipped, but they will require special packing
and/or shipping by specialized carriers which will incur additional shipping costs.
Special Shipping requests, including PICKUP from any of our several
shipping locations, and OVERNIGHT shipping are available on
most items, so contact us regarding your Special Shipping needs.